Trivia Night

Gateway Film Center  16.9% of 4,414 votes

Do you know Stephen Tobolowsky is? (It’s Groundhog Day’s Ned Ryerson). If you did know that, Name 10 Trivia at the Gateway offers a sanctuary for you and other movie geeks. It’s where you will be rewarded for knowledge otherwise seen as obnoxious to your non-nerd friends. Join them in every Tuesday in the Torpedo Room to get a load of the big brain on you!

1550 N High St.

2  Bodega – 11.2%

3  Zauber – 9.6%


Gateway Film Center – 15% of 4,300 votes

The GFC team is consistently dedicated to finding new ways to improve your movie-going experience.Tuesdays are just one example, with Name 10 Trivia packing seats at the center’s Torpedo Lounge. Even if you have trouble getting the facts flowing, there are more than 20 local beers on tap for you.
1550 N High St. |

2  Bodega 14.9%
3  Gresso’s 12.1%