Place to Get Married/ Have a Commitment Ceremony

Franklin Park Conservatory

41.9% of 3,686 votes

To commit yourself to someone for the rest of your life is a special thing, so why not do it at one of Columbus’ prettiest landmarks? With flowers, butterflies, and other wildlife and in abundance, we can’t think up a better place in our city to say “I do.” 

1777 E Broad St. |

2  Whetstone Park of Roses – 10.3%

3  The Boat House at Confluence Park – 9.0%


Franklin Park Conservatory – 48.2% of 3,401 votes

It seems fitting to marry the person who still gives you butterflies in the largest botanical butterfly garden in Columbus. And now that artist Bruce Munro is installing spectacular pieces at the conservatory, wedding photographers have it easier than ever. 1777 E Broad St.  |

2  Whetstone Park of Roses 14.8%

3  The Boat House at Confluence Park 12%