by Brian Kaiser

Comfort Food

Hot Chicken Takeover – 26.3% of 9,614 votes

This category saw a vote total that nearly quadrupled over the last year. What changed? Was there an increased need for comfort food last year? What happened in 2016 that could’ve caused this? Whatever the case, Hot Chicken Takeover—coming off its Best New Restaurant title from two years ago—has repeated their victory in this category. HCT has managed to retain a sense of newness that other restaurants in its position typically lose, and it’s easy to see how. The combination of chicken, mac and cheese, coleslaw, bread, and sweet tea is guaranteed to lull you to sleep and give you some of your finest dreams.

59 Spruce St. |

2  Cap City Diner 21.8%

3  Melt Bar & Grilled 19.9%


Hot Chicken Takeover – 26% of 2,527 votes

50 Spruce St.  |

2   Melt Bar & Grilled 21.3%
3   Cap City Fine Diner 20.2%