by Megan Leigh Barnard

Overall Restaurant

M at Miranova – 31.0% of 12,786

There are numerous reasons why this Cameron Mitchell establishment is so beloved. Among them: award-winning dishes such as the veal mignon, a location next to the Scioto River, and cocktails that are to die for. Not to mention legendary cocktails by top bartender Cris Dehlavi and impeccable service that will keep you dialing M for Magnificent.

2 Miranova Place, Suite 100 |

2  Lindey’s  9.6%

3  Marcella’s Ristorante  6.6%


Lindey’s – 13.9% of 8,897 votes

169 E Beck St. |

Hot Chicken Takeover 9.01%3
3 Marcella’s Ristorante 9.01%