Overall Bar

The Pint House – 9.9% of 5,060 votes

Despite the prodigious competition, The Pint House was able to hold onto their top spot as best bar in Columbus once again. There is something enticing about the traditional beer garden setup—large open spaces with shared standing tables and an upscale yet relaxed environment with an impressive variety of friendly faces and beers on tap. Add in a menu of inventive cocktails and classic American fare, and you will have a model that will keep on winning year after year.

780 N High St. | Shortnorthpinthouse.com

2  Pins Mechanical Co – 7.9%

3 Seventh Son– 7.2%

The Pint House Also Won

Best Bartending Crew

9.2% of 5,604 votes

2  Union Café – 8.1%

3  101 Beer Kitchen – 6.1%


Short North Pint House – 20.1% of 4,998 votes

Ever since the day they opened the doors—and the retractable roof—at the Short North Pint House three years ago, there’s been nary an unoccupied stool, whether it be for a thumping Friday night or a Sunday afternoon sporting affair. Cheers to Corson Ventures for the win as they gear up to continue reshaping the neighborhood in the next year.
780 N High St.

2  101 Beer Kitchen 11.1%
3  Woodlands Tavern 10.4%

The Pint House Also Won:
Best Bartending Crew
12% of 5,351 votes

2   Union Café 9.5%
3   101 Beer Kitchen 6.9%