By Collins Laatsch

Neighborhood Restaurant (Hilliard)

Starliner Diner – 61.4% of 7,857 votes

Just because Starliner Diner moved down the road doesn’t mean they lost any of their customer base. In fact, their shiny, new location only bolstered their popularity, giving patrons a beautiful patio to enjoy their worldly inspired cuisine. This isn’t just a Hilliard favorite, but a citywide staple. Receiving well over half of the votes isn’t remarkable for them—just a new year and the same delicious Cuban sandwich.

4121 Main St. |

2  The Olive Tree Mediterranean 18.2%

3  Otie’s Tavern and Grill 14.0%


Starliner Diner – 58.4% of 7,833 votes

2   The Olive Tree Mediterranean 20.4%

3   Otie’s Tavern and Grill 14.5%



Travis Hoewischer

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