by Brian Kaiser

Neighborhood Restaurant (Bexley)

The Top Steakhouse – 31.2% of 8,226 votes

Ring-a-ding-ding. If you haven’t yet sat under the dimmed light at the historic Top, then we don’t know if you’ve truly had your culinary Columbus card punched. Pristine cocktails and precision cuts from the charbroiler mixed with the tickled ivories from the piano bar make this an experience you really can’t have anywhere else.

2891 E Main St. |

2 Rusty Bucket 21.4%

3 Giuseppe’s Ritrovo 16.6%

The Top Steakhouse Also Won:

Best Steakhouse – 43.2% of 12,914 votes

2 Hyde Park 19.6%

3 Mitchell’s Steakhouse 9.9%


The Top Steakhouse  – 30.3% of 8,190 votes

2   Rusty Bucket 22.8%

3   Giuseppe’s Ritrovo 16.1%



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