Neighborhood Bar (Bexley)

The Rusty Bucket – 35.5% of 1,208 votes

It’d be easy to mistake Rusty Bucket for just another chain restaurant, but the Cameron Mitchell-started franchise has strong central Ohio roots, and is quietly offering its guests services that you don’t get at your J.T. O’Corporate joints. Take, for example, its award-winning beverage program which includes Gary’s Blend, an exclusive bourbon reserve bottled by the CEO himself.

2158 E Main St.

2  The Top – 29.3%

3  Giuseppe’s – 20.3%


The Rusty Bucket – 35.3% of 3,741 votes

Fancy bars with eclectic vibes and gimmicky menu items are fun, but sometimes you just need the basics done the right way. That classic no-frills atmosphere is what you get at Rusty Bucket and it’s what keeps people coming back for more. 2158 E Main St.

2 The Top 28.5%

3 Giuseppe’s 19.4%