By Megan Leigh Barnard

Locally Owned Distillery

Watershed Distillery – 37.1% of 4,589 votes

Every year we get to watch the distilleries battle it out in this category, when in reality, both are rising the tide for local spirits. Both Watershed and Middle West have ramped up their production capabilities in the past year, with Watershed the first to the finish line on their new restaurant and bar concept. It may be a little hard to find in the center of industrial Grandview, but once you’re there, you won’t wanna leave.

1145 Chesapeake Ave. |

2  Middle West Spirits 28.5%

3  Brothers Drake 19%


Watershed Distillery – 33.2% of 4,621 votes

1145 Chesapeake Ave. |

2  Middle West Spirits 32.9%

3  Brothers Drake 13.2%