by Megan Leigh Barnard

Local Radio Station

CD102.5  – 20.2% of 7,178 votes

Look, we’re just gonna be blunt: it’s damn miracle a station like CD102.5 is still on the air, and we feel damn lucky to have them be on our air. Free from corporate shackles, community-minded, and yet still able to keep pace with the needs of an evolving listener base, Randy Malloy and his crew keep the fresh breath of independent radio alive all day, everyday.

2  97.9 WNCI 17.8%

3  92.3 WCOL  9.6%


CD102.5  – 22.5% of 7,148 votes

2  97.9 WNCI 16.7%
3  92.3 WCOL 10.0%