by Megan Leigh Barnard

Hangover Breakfast

Hangover Easy – 13.5% of 10,016 votes

A proper hangover cure requires the following variables: fried food, gallons of coffee, and an open bar. Hangover Easy has been curing post-party headaches for years with their delectable menu of brunch classics—our favorite being the Struggling to Get Up (a couple of fluffy pancakes) and the Dirty Sanchez (a chorizo breakfast burrito). And now that they have recently remodeled the joint, there’s all the more reason to revisit the campus staple.

1646 Neil St.  |

2  Waffle House 11.3%

3  Tee Jaye’s Country Place 10.9%


Tee Jaye’s Country Place – 19.5% of 10,755 votes

Multiple locations |

2   Waffle House 11.7%
  Hang Over Easy 11.5%