By Jon McAllister

Dry Cleaners

Swan Cleaners – 39.4% of 2,974 votes

You know the scenario a little too well: you’re out to lunch, enjoying your favorite red wine, and your clumsy self spills it all down the front of your crisp, white, professional shirt. Wait, no. Not your shirt, your roommate’s shirt that you promised nothing would happen to. You have two options: lose your roommate’s trust and friendship forever, or fix the shirt. Luckily, you pass two Swan Cleaners on the way home. Their efficiency and professionalism will hide any evidence that you’re a sloppy mess, and you’ll still get to borrow clothes from your roommate.

Multiple Locations |

2  Dublin Cleaners 13.0%

3  $1.99 Cleaners 12.3%


Swan Cleaners – 38.1% of 2,218 votes

2  $1.99 cleaners 16.5%

3  Dublin Cleaners 14.9%