By Rachael Barbrash

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Grandview Mercantile

18.2% of 3,547 votes

Decorate the house of your dreams according to your Pinterest board with unique pieces found at Grandview Mercantile. Whether you’re trying to improve your dining room to host elaborate dinner parties, spice up your kitchen to inspire you to cook more, or liven up your foyer to impress the pizza delivery driver, Grandview Mercantile is your one-stop-shop for elegant furniture and decor.

873 N High St. |

2 Value City Furniture  15.4%

3  Crate and Barrel 13.3%

2016 – Grandview Mercantile

22.1% of 3,131 votes

873 N High St.

2  Crate and Barrel 14.4%

3  FrontRoom Furnishings 14.3%