By Rachael Barbash

Comedy Venue

Columbus Funny Bone – 55.2% of 4,656 votes

One of the most exciting cultural developments of late is Netflix’s commitment to stand-up comedy. And though you can choose to stay in on a Saturday to watch the new Louis CK, going to the Funny Bone is, perhaps, a more rewarding experience. To see newbies and veterans bending and twisting the form in person? No matter your comedic sensibilities, you’ll be able to respect anyone who takes the mic.

145 Easton Station |

2  Shadowbox Live 27.4%

3  Woodlands Tavern 5.5%


Columbus Funny Bone – 55.7% of 4,844 votes

145 Easton Station |

2  Shadowbox Live 26.7%
3  Wild Goose Creative 7.8%