By Megan Leigh Barnard

Classic Cocktail Bar

Curio – 16.8% of 4,405 votes

Where else can you sip masterfully created cocktails, surrounded by tinctures and antique decor and serenaded by old school hip hop? There’s only one Curio, and it’s the repeat option for best cocktail bar in the city. Knowledgeable and friendly staff make magic happen in a glass. Vegan whites, Funaguchi sake, pineapple gomme, and shiso leaf, you say? We’ll take three.

495 S Fifth St. |

2  The Guild House 14%

3  M at Miranova 13%


Curio – 18% of 4,493 votes

495 S Fifth St. |

2  The Guild House 15.6%

3  M at Miranova 15.3%