Cab Service

Yellow Cab

52.3% of 2,770 votes

You may be able to summon a stranger in a car with your smartphone to take you from point A to point B, but sometimes, you just need to hail a cab—and now you can do that through your phone, too! Thousands of Columbus residents rely on Yellow Cab for their daily transportation needs. Let them take you for a spin.

2  German Village Taxi – 18.7%

3  Dublin Taxi – 14.2%

2016 – Yellow Cab

51.01% of 2,962 votes

Sure, that army of private drivers whizzing through their smartphone maps to come scoop you up have changed the mobile landscape in central Ohio, but thousands still rely on these yellow chariots to come take them from place to place, safely and swiftly.

2  German Village Taxi 19.01%
3  Dublin Taxi 13.6%