Chipotle – 53.3% of 13,260 votes

Chipotle has made quite the name for itself—and rightfully so. If you’ve ever been (which you most likely have; they didn’t win best burrito by over 50 percent for no reason), you’ve witnessed the array of ingredients. And you’ve carefully selected each one and watched as the Chipotle employees rolled up your burrito ever so tenderly at the end of the line. Columbus loves you, Chipotle. Keep doin’ you, boo.

Multiple locations | chipotle.com

2  El Vaquero 7.1%

3  Northstar Cafe 6.9%


Chipotle Mexican Grill – 38.0% of 10,573 votes

Multiple locations  |  chipotle.com

2   El Vaquero 12.9%
3   Northstar Cafe 8.8%