Bloody Mary

The Pearl – 13.5% of 8,193 votes

Transcending the basic Bloody Mary model requires finesse. Year after year, The Pearl has delivered on perfecting a spicy, savory, and succulent spin on the classic cocktail. Forget the bland stick of celery and single lime—this morning-after drink infuses vodka with in-house peppers and tops it off with a few hunks of chorizo, an olive, and a pickle. Even better, it’s served with a High Life sidecar—a low-brow champagne toast to a killer afternoon.

641 N. High St. |

2  Matt the Miller’s Tavern 11.6%

3  Standard Hall 7.6%


The Pearl – 24.3% of 9,105 votes

641 N High St. |

2 Matt the Miller’s Tavern 10.3%

3 Lindey’s 7.8%