Apartment Complex

Taylor House

33.9% of 5,048 votes

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Preferred Living razed the site of an old K-Mart to create the number one-ranked apartment complex in a city of over two million people. The moniker of this category may not do Taylor House justice; the rentals are a wholesale-connected mini-community adjacent to Gallo’s Tap Room, and their newly opened Bates and Brown Barber Chair. Preferred, indeed.

5300 Riverside Dr., Upper Arlington | livepreferred.com

2  Grandview Yard – 13.7%

3  Flats on Vine – 9.4%

2016 – Berkley House

24.1% of 4,812 votes

2  Flats on Vine 14.2%
3  The Quarry 7.8%