Image Issue: Christopher Toothman

Mantra: “f/8 and be there.” – Weegee

First camera: My dad’s Minolta SR-T 101 35mm

Last camera: Canon 5D Mark III

Christopher Toothman first felt the allure of photography—that “click” that could make moments of their own—when his first pinhole camera image “magically” appeared in the developer.

And while his rig has progressed technologically, he still approaches photography from a purist’s standpoint—harnessing his skill in barely edited images of his many travels—from Costa Rica to Scotland to Chile.

Here back at home, he’s a successful commercial photographer, but his work abroad was too stunning for us not to feature it in his hometown magazine.

My personal work is shot in full-frame, with available light and minimal post-production. My goal is to tell a moving, visual story that honestly communicates the environment in which the image was captured. They hopefully allow the viewer to be transported across borders, seas and walls to experience my life vicariously through my photographs.

I’m influenced by Weegee (Arthur Fellig) for his ability to capture honest moments with his shutter, and Steve McCurry for his uncanny ability to capture moving portraits in dire situations.

It’s not the eye of the camera that’s important. Anyone can take a digital picture, but the eye behind the camera can’t be bought. The world will always need people who can see light.




Travis Hoewischer

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