Home: Near or Far

There is something intrinsically intimate about the bed and breakfast model—that adorable older couple looking to make a few extra bucks by renting out their country-themed master bedroom to a couple of sweethearts for a night, the wonderful feeling of waking up in a foreign bed to the smell of bacon grease and coffee grounds from the downstairs kitchen. Sometimes, taking a weekend away from the couch and your Netflix account is a simple and easy solution to escape the whole “lingering existential boredom” thing. Be that spontaneous wanderer you have always wanted to be. Don’t worry; we have done all of the research for you. All you have to do is make the call and sleep in past 10 a.m.


Whispering Pines • Dellroy


Ahhh…the lake—the gorgeous views, the tranquil sounds, the hours spent staring into your reflection in the water, wondering what life would have been like if you didn’t have kids. (Ok, they are amazing when they are asleep.) Overlooking the beautiful Atwood Lake, Whispering Pines is a truly secluded location, far from Cleveland, Columbus, or Pittsburgh. Among the specials offered at this one-of-a-king B&B are a trail ride, a golf getaway, and a ghost tour. The rooms only supplement the experience: a two-person tub, a private balcony, and a luxurious fireplace. Whether you come to Whispering Pines for 18 holes or for something spooky, you are your partner are sure to have a memorable weekend.

Welsh Hills Inn • Granville


Pulling up to the end of the long and winding driveway, you see the B&B sitting atop a small hill, a picturesque setting straight out of a Lifetime made-for-TV movie (one of the good ones). Welsh Hills Inn has been rated the No. 1 B&B in Ohio and No. 4 in the US. If you’re not sold on a place based solely on ratings, then consider the following: hammocks in the trees, a 15-acre trail, croquet, bocce ball, a heated pool, fishing, and target and clays shooting. In addition to the abundance of unique outdoor activities offered, you can also treat yourself to aromatherapy, hot river stone therapy, relaxation, or a deep tissue massage, or all of the above, in the Inn’s Trem Pell Studio Spa.

HideAway Country Inn • Bucyrus


We have always been a sucker for themed bedrooms—quirky suites with fun and interesting names that match the interior décor. It’s the simple pleasures of warming up after a long day of adventure next to a comically large stone fireplace in a room called The Hunter’s Den, or floating in a hot tub in the Eagle’s Nest suite—a portrait of a bald eagle stitched into an oversized rug in front of the bed. Sure, the HideAway might be a little larger than your average itty-bitty B&B, but what they lack in humble authenticity, they make up for with their lavish quarters, tastefully decorated bedrooms, reasonable prices, and onsite amenities. Manicures and facials you say? Yeah, we will take three.

Glenlaurel • Rockbridge


After a long day of hiking, perusing the arts and crafts museum, and exploring a winery or three, you probably want to relax in a quaint Scottish B&B. Thankfully, Glenlaurel offers four unique rooms and three stunning suites, giving you a bit of a selection to choose from. The MacGregor and Campbell rooms offer stone fireplaces, whirlpool tubs, and small porches to enjoy your morning coffee on. The Mar and Robertson Garrett rooms feature skylights and lovely treetop views and the suites are donned in lavish fabrics and oak. Aside from the totally Instagram-worthy, chic interior of this B&B, they offer in-room spa services and private yoga sessions—a relaxing way to escape the pains of city life.


Henderson House Bed and Breakfast • Bethel


The main selling point of Henderson House B&B is the view—a commanding testament to the power of a decent balcony. And while you won’t see, say, the Statue of Liberty or Bigfoot, you’ll enjoy a calm, gentle breeze and the sight of Ohio birds resting in local trees. Henderson House is only a half hour away from Cincinnati. Visitors are given a free round of golf at the Colonial Pines Golf Club with their stay, so you can put in that much needed work on your golf swing. However, if you are here to ignite romance, be sure to spend more time working on that.

Harrison House • Columbus


Who says you have to leave the city to be on vacation? Sometimes, staycations make taking some time off as easy as driving a few miles down the street. Trimmed with teal and purple, this yellow Victorian house is alluring in all the best ways, even at first glance. The rooms are just as eye-catching, as the walls are lined with pastels and floral pattern. Harrison House is centrally located, offering you endless answers for the age-old question, “What should we do tonight?” If you aren’t into the downtown Columbus scene, consider exploring the Olentangy Trail, Harrison West Park, or even Thompson Park.

Bexley Bed and Breakfast • Bexley


Chances are that Bexley Bed and Breakfast is the newest establishment on our list, and yet, it’s arguably the most unique. This nearly two-year-old B&B is the first of its kind to be in the town of Bexley. It also considers both halves of the B&B equation—not only will you enjoy a Continental-style breakfast, but you can choose a room whose design resembles a metropolitan city—New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, and, of course, Columbus. An aspect that causes Bexley B&B to stand out is its philanthropic efforts: 5% of its annual gross income goes to local organizations. In other words, Bexley B&B is concerned with more than just its guests.

The Timbrook Guesthouse • Columbus


By looking at The Timbrook Guesthouse and its surroundings—vast gardens, an aviary, and a greenhouse—you wouldn’t think that it’s smack dab in the middle of the city. But that’s the charm of this nearly 150-year-old establishment—you head there to escape the city, yet the city never leaves. Although you have the option of seeking out the stores and restaurants along Olentangy River Road, Timbrook will convince you to stay within its parameters. Case in point: the Puna Pond, the Timbrook’s version of the tropics, from the palm trees to the globe lights. Add a pina colada, and you’ll never want to escape.

Hawthorne Park Bed and Breakfast • Columbus


We don’t always need a two-and-a-half minute promo to convince us what cultivated elegance looks like, but man—those delicate piano notes, the pans across rooms, the overhead shot of a breakfast that includes bacon and banana crepes…it’s all pretty hard to resist. Hawthorne Park resides in Woodland Park, a place that feels like a suburb in the city. Although this area has that suburban feel—a YMCA, a few churches, and walking distance from the Franklin Park Conservatory—Hawthorne Park has a chic that elevates it past what we consider the “ideal” home.

50 Lincoln-Short North Bed and Breakfast • Columbus


Most B&Bs are located far from the city or just along its edges. By going to these fine establishments, we intend to get away from the noise. However, if you’re looking for one that is entrenched in downtown Columbus, then consider 50 Lincoln-Short North. This two-story gem could pass off as an apartment complex yet it contains the aura of your typical B&B. Most importantly, 50 Lincoln is next to some of the best, most exciting parts of this city. Who wouldn’t want to check out the surplus of restaurants, galleries, and bars? The rates and accommodations are perfect for family get-togethers, weddings, business trips, or weekend getaways.