The Big Day

Janean + Andrew

Date: 10.15.16

Venue: Glen Echo Ravine

Photography: Rachel Joy (

We’re pretty sure Janean and Andrew have the wedding some couples dream of: ohmygodjustgointhewoodswithafewfriendsanddoit!

But their wedding wasn’t just a get-it-over-with quickie—it was essentially a perfect progressive dinner party of friends and family. The bride and groom got ready in the home they’ve been renovating over the last year, along with their cat, Pam, before the ceremony—a true pop-up affair. Guests carried their own chairs down to Glen Echo Ravine for a very short and sweet set of nuptials. From there, the wedding party was led by a flutist out of the woods. A game of follow-the-leader led to the bride and groom’s Clintonville home for a cocktail hour, catered by Al-Tubasee Street, who serves some of the best gyros in town. Oh yeah, a serve-yourself bar of mini champagne bottles, too. A toast to the happy couple and then on to the home of the bride’s sister, Elaina, only a few blocks away for the reception. When you’ve got the DJ from Damn Girl and tacos from Taqueria El Fogoncito, you’d be hard pressed to find a more satisfying October evening. We weren’t even invited and we kinda wanna go back…


Daniella + Jon

Date: 6.18.16

Venue: Family farm/Dairy Barn Arts Center

Photography: Photography: Kristian Irey (

As the saying goes, every little girl dreams about her wedding day. For Daniella and Jon, that dream landed the couple right back to where it all began—in the front yard of her childhood home, her father’s horse farm in Athens.

Flanked by the rolling hills of rural Ohio, a stunning ceremony took place with one thing in mind: familial tradition…that, and fancy suspenders, assuring that the groomsmen weren’t the only stallions in attendance. Afterwards, the party trekked to the Dairy Barn Arts Center—a converted dairy farm turned event space—for a rustic yet elegant reception featuring healthy fare from the locally sourced food truck, Chelsea’s Real Food. Add in an expertly decorated floral cake from Heavenly Confections Designer Cakes, and you have one whimsically spectacular day to remember.

Annie + Luke

Date: 9.24.16

Venue: Schiller Park/The Commissary

Photography: The Wayfarers (

Let’s get this straight: first and foremost, weddings are parties—two people in love gathering friends and family together to show them one hell of a good time. Not surprisingly, nobody understood this concept more than Annie and Luke, co-owners of Columbus’s own Four Thieves Thirst Parlour. They didn’t just host a reception, but a full-blown food and drink soiree.

We couldn’t think of a better place for two foodies in love to host their Big Day than The Commissary, a community space well known for hosting pop-ups, offering cooking classes, and presenting culinary competitions. Add in a feast prepared by Catie Randazzo—the culinary mastermind behind the Challah Food Truck—and you truly have a day that nobody’s paunches will forget. (Especially considering Chef Catie hit the dance floor later in a giant T-Rex costume!) Food brings people together, a nourishment of the body and soul.

As the old saying goes, eat, drink, and get married.

Anjali + Scott

Date: 8.27.16

Venue: Columbus Museum of Art /Strongwater

Photography: Wandering Woo

How can we say this and yet still be appropriate to the occasion?

It looks like Anjali and Scott really know how to throw down.

What else can you say about a Big Day that starts as a traditional Indian ceremony filled with history and tradition, shifts into a private western wedding in the front wing of the Columbus Museum of Art, and ends in a good old-fashioned Midwestern dance party?

In fact, the couple and their guests appeared to never stop dancing throughout the day, adding playful, joyful moments at every turn—whether it be bridal party photo-op dabbing or the groom approaching the museum on horseback.

Some in attendance may have wondered for a second whether they were at one giant, extended flash mob—but we can bet they were smiling for days after.

Jen + Joel

Date: 8.27 – 8.29.2016

Venue: Camp Hoover

Photography: Rachel Joy


If you ever find yourself with an invite to a “Burning Man-esque” wedding, you know you’re in for an unforgettable party.

While the ceremony for Jen and Joel may not have been quite as wild as the infamous desert festival, it did involve more nudity than your average Ohio wedding.

In fact, it involved more everything than your average Ohio wedding. The couple transformed Camp Hoover into “Camp Gatkinson” (a combination of the bride and groom’s names), a destination for a grab-bag of outdoor/indoor fun for the weekend. Guests were invited to pitch a tent before meeting in the woods for pre-ceremony beers, followed by very emotional and inclusive, eloquent nuptuals written by the couple and their officiant, Badger. The flower girls were the groom’s teenage twin sisters. A giant storm swept festivities under cover for a bit, allowing the bride and groom to sneak down to the dock for some sunset photos before coming back to dance and sit around the fire. The next morning, everyone was invited down to the dock to skinny-dip and then chow on a Challah-catered breakfast cooked over the fire. The rest of the day was spent like a day at camp: swimming, hiking, a karaoke dance party and giving/getting massages—ya know, like you do—on a steamy August day.

Ashley + Bethany

Date: 10.8.16

Venue: The Kitchen

Photography: Amy Ann Photography


Sometimes the best Big Day is the simplest one. Ashley and Bethany offerred their guests a basic, but beautiful tour de German Village, using the side streets of Columbus’ most historic neighborhood as their staging area.

The brick-laden background—both underfoot and overhead—provided the perfect aesthetic for the couple and their bridesmaids—who got ready at a nearby AirBnB. The brides dressed in different floors of the house and had their first look in the backyard.

As for the ceremony and reception, The Kitchen—the capital city’s creative, collaborative, culinary event space—posed as an excellent two-for-one. The vows, the meal, the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, the hours of dancing, all took place in the same scant square inches. The Kitchen’s floor-to-ceiling windows presenting the couple to the rest of the city. With extra help from nearby vendors like Kittie’s Cakes and Nurtur Salon, they barely needed to leave their backyard to become bride and bride.

Eleanor + James

Date: 6.18.16

Venue: Columbus Museum of Art/Franklin Park Conservatory

Photography: M.K. Sadler (

When your wedding and reception take place in the two most sought after venues in the city, your ability to create a Big Day like none other is challenged.

Sounds like a challenge that Eleanor and James—along with the clever ladies at All Together Now—were more than up to.  The bride’s bold choice of dress, a stunning gold leaf pattern, ensured that she would stand out from the bridal crowd—whilst becoming the perfect compliment to the gilded frames and marbled floors of the Columbus Museum of Art.

The reception was just as impeccably integrated into the couple’s style, with the bride making a costume change to a floral summer dress. Along with butterfly brooches for all the guests as table favors, a brilliant nod to the Franklin Park Conservatory’s uber-eco backdrop.

You could say flowers were a bit of a theme—even beyond the average wedding—with the rest of the Big Day’s botanical beauty owed to Hart Floral and Miam Cake.

Stephanie + Jon

Date: 9.7.16

Venue: Ohio Stadium/Huntington Park

Photography: Buckeye Entertainment (

If you think romance and football are mutually exclusive, then you have never met Stephanie and Jon—the two sweethearts who tied the knot last September at The ’Shoe. After all, sharing a kiss at the iconic 50-yard line is certainly a nifty way to start a life together.

As unconventional as their ceremony may seem—like getting married on a Wednesday, between OSU home games—weddings should be reflective of your shared passion. For these two football fans, that meant staging the Big Day somewhere special, a place that is overflowing with meaningful memories of good times past. And if you think about it, scarlet and grey makes for an aesthetically pleasing color scheme for a wedding, even more so when a pack of pugs are festooned in mini scarlet and grey tuxedos. Top that off with catered food from Levy Restaurants—a company who serves up grub at football stadiums nationally—and a fancy cake from Nicely Made Cupcakes, and you have a truly unforgettable wedding envied by Buckeye fans everywhere. Only in OH-IO.