Family Matters

Strategic planning and guest list coordination really go out the door when your two-year-old son is diagnosed with brain cancer.

Celia and Geff Kinzel met and quite classically fell for each other in 2012. In the short years that followed, their two sons Rowan and Logan were born.

The youngest of the two, Logan, wanted to marry his mommy when he grew up, so the announcement of a Kinzel wedding was not quite what he wanted. The parents kept on with their wedding plans, hoping to marry a year after the engagement, but Logan, after fighting cancer once, was in the ring with it once again.

“It’s one day at a time really, and there are things that build up and you get overwhelmed and frustrated, but really just taking it day-by-day and not sweating the little stuff,” said Celia. “There’s bigger things that I need to worry about.”

Logan’s second round of cancer resulted in inoperable brain tumors that then spread through his spine, making chemotherapy the only option out. The family moved him into Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and as 2016 came to a close, the parents decided get hitched as quickly as possible so Logan could be there to witness it. “We really wanted the boys to be there, it was really important for them to be there,” Celia said.

The couple quickly planned to marry at the Children’s chapel, gave the boys coordinated Marvel bowties, and Celia ordered her dress online just days before the wedding.

“We didn’t expect it to go viral…Rowan loved seeing himself on TV!” said Celia. The little Kinzel family married January 4, and after Logan got over the disappointment of not being the groom, Geff carried him to the chapel, bride and oldest son in tow as the hospital staff cheered them on.

“Now, looking back, I don’t even know if I want to have another wedding, it was just so great, said Celia, “how do you top that?”

Weddings are often carefully planned with no details left untouched. For the Kinzels, the only detail that really mattered was family.