Homemade Fashion

A holiday salute to the Columbus craftspeople putting the local back in local shopping.

Look, Christmas shopping isn’t hard, per se. Anyone can make a last-minute trip to your neighborhood big box and find something in every aisle that makes sense to buy for your favorite folks.

But, the real fun is finding something you’re excited to give someone—something with its own back story, concepted, crafted, commissioned and in many cases, hand-numbered by those who live in an area zip code.

Vanessa Jean Speckman


The work of Vanessa Speckman covers takes plenty of shapes—leather, cotton, paper—but, regardless of the material, if you’re looking for a custom gift for the rambling, lost soul in your life, her Etsy shop is your destination. Tramps like us, ya know….

grudges_pullover1Alison Rose


Apparel, posters, and other accessories from a husband-and-wife team Alison and Nicholas Nocera, who, since 2003, have helped Columbus shoppers diversify their choices of hand-pressed, originally designed apparel.

Robert Mason Heritage Supply


Robert Mason is the brainchild of one of Columbus’s most fascinating entrepreneurs, Robert Grimmett, who started the curated office supply store when he was a teenager in West Virginia. Now, after bouncing back from a fire that threatened to wipe out the brand, his Short North store is home to all types of stylish products for the everyday working man or woman. You can even take home a bag designed by Grimmett himself, a graduate of The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago.

Sweet Stella Designs

Photo by Chris Casella

Think: Food you can wear. Now remove the image of Lady Gaga’s meat dress from your mind, and insert Amy Neiwirth’s wearable confections—food jewelry so tiny, cute, and realistic, your friends won’t know whether to ask you out for lunch or compliment you.

Namaste, Bitches


The yoga-gear shop with the spicy name carries their own line of mats and related yoga-themed accessories. Strikingly colorful and lively, these mats are crafted to “rejuvenate and guide” yogis through their practice.

 Columbus Barrel Co.img_5459


Bourbon drinking comes with it’s own lifestyle, from the skateboard under your feet to the coasters you set your drinks on. The Columbus Barrel Co. delivers stylish home goods and gifts that subscribe to those who can hold their liquor—all made from unique handpicked Kentucky Bourbon barrels. Tell an unsuspecting friend that, no, in fact, you have not been boozing, but your sunglasses have.”

The Smithery


An artist-made, contemporary jewelry shop located in the business hub of Grandview, The Smithery even offers metalworking workshops—including a class focusing on wedding band creation. The shop features items created by dozens of artists across the country, and commissions are offered for artists interested in aspiring to make a buck or two.