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Taste Profile: @mandi_cohen

What’s the last great dish you had? The last dish I had that was off-the-charts good was here in Columbus at Brothers Drake. Every week their on-site food truck Tokyo Go Go hosts Ramen Thursdays—and it’s not the ramen you had in college. Upscale, flavorful, and complex. (And they make the broth 48 hours in advance!) It’s that good.

What’s the last great dish you cooked? My skills and specialties are in eating—not cooking. I am lucky to have a husband who LOVES to cook for us. He makes a great stir-fry in a wok we got for our wedding. I… assist.

What drives you to be a tastemaker in Columbus? I am a native Texan, so Columbus (and Ohio) were completely new to me when I moved here two years ago. Nothing makes a place feel like home more than going out and exploring all that it has to offer. Between my passion for trying new things and my desire to ensure I have great content to share on my blog, I am always out trying the latest and greatest that Columbus has to offer. And in this city, it’s really easy to find amazing things to eat, drink, and experience.

What is the most significant way food and drink has changed in Columbus in the last five years? Well, I have only lived here two years so I don’t think I can speak to the past five, but what I’ve seen is a huge growth in cold pressed juice. Native, Alchemy, and Zest are all hugely popular and have really fun offerings in this trend.

Least favorite style of Instagram food photo: Gotta say, I think I’m kind of done seeing the shot from above of a girl’s legs on a bed holding a cup of coffee.

Put together your perfect night on the town, from pre-meal cocktail, to dinner, to nightcap: I live in Grandview and love walking to the various restaurants and spots they have right in my own backyard. So my perfect night is all Grandview—all the time. Pre-meal cocktail: let’s start at Balboa. The patio is amazing and they have some incredible drinks. Specifically, I’ll order the blueberry basil margarita and get some chips and queso to nosh on. Dinner: the best-kept secret in Columbus is—without a doubt—La Tavola. A small Italian restaurant that serves up big portions and big flavors. Anything you get will blow your mind—but if I may suggest, the seasonal gnocchi. Best Italian spot in the city. Nightcap: I have a big sweet tooth, so my version of a nightcap is all about DESSERT. Stop by The Avenue and order the chocolate cake or bread pudding. Can’t go wrong.

One Columbus celebrity you want to break bread with? No doubt, Jeni from Jeni’s Ice Cream. So, I suppose we’d break some ice cream rather than bread. She is an amazing business owner with a great story; I’d love to pick her brain.

Describe Columbus’s taste in a six-word sentence: A local approach to big flavors.



Travis Hoewischer

I've been working in journalism in central Ohio for more than a decade, and have been lucky enough to be a part of (614) Magazine since the very first issue. Proud to live in a city that still cares – and still reads.