Postcard Patios

Condado’s Tacos:

Columbus Commons

Debuting its second location early in the summer, the downtown Condado’s is part of the Highpoint Building. Tacked on to the north end of the development like a taco-fueled caboose, it is a smallish patio, simple with picnic tables and a sort of sideways view of the Commons’ stage. It’s quieter than its Short North parent, but still has all the graffiti flair. And all the tequila and margarita’s too. And, of course, all the tacos and guac that can any person desires. Expect lots of office dress code for lunch and happy hour, and then a less rowdy crowd at night.

Condado’s is located at 132 S. High St.

De Novo Bistro & Bar

Moving across High Street and neighboring with Condado’s, the “new” De Novo has lost none of the flair of the original. Its patio reflects the over-the-top décor that the restaurant has always reveled in. Elegant big top black-and-white umbrellas shield diners from the sun, or the eyes of everyone walking or driving down High Street. The move didn’t result in a shift of menu, so expect decadent dishes such as a Foie-Gras BLT, Lobster Mac & Cheese, and Kangaroo Loin. A pleasant wine list and tasty cocktails make for a breezy happy hour.

Find De Novo at 150 S. High St.

The Eagle Food & Beer Hall

Taking over the La Fogata building, The Eagle Food & Beer Hall has refreshed the large High Street patio with cleaner lines, wooden tables, and a muted color palette. The Eagle opening completes the mini patio strip that includes Haiku and Union and fits perfectly in between the two spots – the meditative Haiku and the partying Union. The Cincinnati-based eatery specializes in fried chicken, but don’t ignore the Grilled Cheese with its sweet whisper of apricot preserves, or the Sweet Potato Crock with its charming mini-marshmallows. The Bourbon Punch, with its sting of ginger, comes in a pitcher so you don’t have to keep ordering them.

Located in the Short North at 790 N. High St.

Leon’s Garage

While Leon’s fine dining neighbor, Hinkley’s, just closed up shop, Leon’s Garage is still open, it’s large patio beckoning friends and families. A “no ties after five” sentiment permeates the laid-back watering hole. Checking into the website, there is a daily tally of the beer available. Earlier in September, the count was 21 on tap, 20 bottles, and 1 can. The cocktail menu reads like an herb garden drinks featuring flavors such as rosemary and lavender. The menu is loaded with pub grub classics presented with a signature of flair.

Find the Garage in Marysville at 326 E. 5th St.

Pins Mechanical Company

With 16-Bit leading the charge of arcades coming back into style, it’s no surprise that the same people would eventually expand on the concept. Cue Pins Mechanical Company, the mammoth adult fun park that occupies the corner of 4th and Long streets. While the inside echoes with the crack of duckpin bowling and cheers around foosball tables, the huge patio is an oasis in the middle of downtown. Not satisfied to just have an open-air space with tables and such, Pins patio is full of greenery – tallish trees and plant boxes – that contrasts with the dark grey hunk of the building itself. It’s out here where everyone will play their favorite game – people-watching.

Pins can be found at 141 N. 4th St.

Standard Hall

A long, skinny stand-up table bisects the patio outside Standard Hall. It serves as a place to lean and to set down drinks. There are also tables surrounded by metal chairs and lots of standing room space. When the building’s huge garage door style windows are open, there is almost no separation between the inside and outside. With 30 beers on tap and thoughtful bar food kicked up with surprising twists, Standard has been packed from day one, but our favorite night is Sunday for the ‘90s Backyard BBQ. That’s right; get your BBQ ribs on while humming along to boy bands and grunge anthems.

Standard Hall is located at 1100 N. High St.