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Proust: Brooke Kinsey, Bleu & Fig

Everyday one of my friends posts some sort of questionnaire on Facebook. Name your 20 favorite albums/books/movies; leave a memory of us; if you were an animal, which would you be? These are irritating, but a bit fun as they seek to find a window into personalities, as if revealing that Sticky Fingers is a favorite album says something about your soul. It may seem like social media has produced these daily queries, but the idea of answering a set of questions to get a peek into the subject’s inner workings has been around forever.

The famous Proust questionnaire, for example, reacher back to the 19th century and was a popular parlor diversion. So named because the author Marcel Proust thoroughly enjoyed answering with written tidbits of his inner life. Adapted everywhere from The Actor’s Studio to Vanity Fair, to Columbus’ very own Art Makes Columbus, Stock & Barrel has decided to join the game.

This issue our question-ee is Brooke Kinsey of Bleu & Fig, a catering shop known for creating bites of flavor that resonate with soul and finesse.

What is your idea of the perfect meal? Oh my gosh, an abundance of “perfect meals” come to mind. The one constant in all of them are the people. I guess the perfect meal would be with all my favorite people and favorite food, mostly things from my youth. My grandmother’s fried green tomatoes and chicken-fried steak, hand-churned vanilla ice cream, my Mom’s blackberry cobbler, tomatoes warm from the sun.

What is your favorite food memory? Summertime, sharing platefuls of fried green tomatoes with my grandmother while playing hours of rummy.

Best quality in a drinking companion? Excitement, curiosity, appreciation.

Worst quality in a drinking companion? Any type of rudeness. It’s gross. It would never happen because I don’t hang with anyone who would ever behave that way.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? I own a business so needless to say, I haven’t had a vacation in a long, long time. So currently, happiness would be a beautiful body of water. My phone is off. I can be still when I want to be still and laugh and talk when I want to laugh and talk and eat beautifully simple food and enjoy amazing fruit drinks and simply just be.

What is your idea of misery? I worked in a woman’s fashion store for nine months…

What do you appreciate most in your friends? Laughter, honesty, and being able to be completely me.

What is your favorite virtue?  Consideration and kindness.

Who is your hero/heroine in real life? David Lee Roth

Who is your hero/heroine in real life?  My sister, Meghan.

If not yourself, who would you be? Hmmm… My dogs Millie & Eddie have pretty awesome lives– eat, sleep, repeat.

What is your present state of mind? Blown.

What would you like your last bith to be? Delicious.

If Bleu & Fig had a theme song, what would it be?  A friend recently shared her ringtone for me… it’s call “Bossy Bitch… I was down with it. Bleu & Fig is a bit more PC… she might prefer the song title to be “Female with Strong Leadership Skills”… but you get the point.