Popsicle Memories

As an adult, reliving those popsicle moments is just as silly. Maybe not as messy and maybe a little more 21+. Making your own boozy popsicles is pretty straight forward. Take a favorite drink and freeze it, that’s the deal. Cuba Libre your drink of choice? Freeze rum, cola, and a few squirts of fresh lime juice. Voilá! Moscow mule? Vodka, ginger beer, and more lime. Da!

Hold up just a second. Anyone who has a bottle of vodka or other spirit in the freezer knows that it doesn’t go solid, so what is this magic? There’s no magic, there’s just math. While it’s true, alcohol has a much, much lower freezing point than most liquids; it’s all about the ratio of spirit to not-spirit. Alcoholic popsicles need to be proportionally 20% alcohol to 80% no-alcohol. That works out to about one shot to one cup of mixer.

Wine is different; it takes to the deep freeze better than straight alcohol. You can go 50/50 with this one. Say, equal parts wine to juice. Don’t go crazy though and use some million-dollar bottle of wine found at the bottom of the sea in a shipwreck. Stay cheap, stay under 10 bucks.
With those tips, adult popsicles are a mix, freeze, and lick away.


Berry Chocolatey Wine:
Merlot, chopped up blackberries, shaved dark chocolate, and Concord grape juice

Tequila Lime Rickey:
White tequila + cherry juice + fresh lime juice and a slice of lime

Spicy Margarita:
Pre-made margarita (don’t be snobby, it’s a popsicle!) + lime zest – after unmolding, wait until the popsicle starts to “sweat” and sprinkle with cayenne pepper

Creamsile Pops: Vanilla Ice Cream + Orange vodka + orange juice (use the pulpy kind to up the texture factor)

Cucumber Gin Cooler: Cucumber juice (don’t forget to strain out the seeds) + gin + half-moons of cucumber + a smidge of simple syrup

… and wherever your imagination takes you!