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A Cake by Any Other Name

“Have you tried That Cake?”

“What cake?”

“That Cake!”

“WHAT cake?”

“THAT cake!”



After a few rounds of the Abbot & Costello dessert battle, it turns out “that cake” is a cake so good, it defies all attempts at naming. Seeking out this label-busting confection at J Hot Fish in Old Towne East, owner KC Edwards charmingly shrugs and smiles all the way up to his eyes, “It’s just That Cake, it’s that good.” Our conversation has drawn attention amongst the diners lining up to order platters of fried perch, tilapia, or walleye, and soon Edwards is handing out samples of the mysterious cake. The phone ringing for take-out order is suddenly the only sound in the room as everyone tastes the cake.

“Oh my goodness,” exclaims one woman. “This is really good,” says another. And it is. It’s delicious. Not everyone wants a cold treat in the summer, sometimes simple and delicious is the desire. And That Cake fits the bill. A pound cake, buttery in its simplicity, and zippy with lemon and pecan crunch; but it’s really the texture – there’s a softness and a melty-ness to the slice that speaks of lazy days and lemonade, and grandma’s modest gift of cake.

As the colorful artwork of Edwards’ mom surround us, he explains that the “J” in J Hot Fish is after his daughter, Jae. There is also a wall of exuberant fish drawings. “When a child comes in, I first give ‘em a drink,” said Edwards as he surveyed the artwork, “and then they have to give me a fish.”

J Hot Fish isn’t just about feeding the growing line of people, it’s about creating community. People are lured in by the fried fish expertise and wowed by That Cake, but they come back for the feel the friendship and welcoming service. And nothing says summer better than fast friends and fresh food.

J Hot Fish is located at 1117 Oak St. Follow them on facebook for hours and specials.