Wine and Divine

Meeting a friend for a drink has turned into much more that a sip and chat. On any given night in watering holes across the city, there are trivia events, participatory comedy bits, drunk spelling bees, karaoke, painting classes, drag bingo, and the ever-present dart and pool leagues happening to turn a chill night into an event.

At Camelot Cellars, wine enthusiasts can even get a peek into the future. The Wine & Psychic nights take place on the third Tuesday of the month and are consistently busy, with imbibers hoping to get a glass up on what’s coming down the pike. Overseen by Debé Wenig, the Passionate Palmist, the evening is first-come first-served to sign up with any of the practitioners, from tarot card readers to mediums, scattered throughout the living room-like area. A crowd starts milling around before the 6 p.m. start time, like fans waiting to get into their favorite general admission show. The event sells out every month.

“The thing to know about palmistry, hand analysis,” Debé began, “is that everyone has free will, nobody has to do anything… your left hand is your destiny hand, it tells you what you were given; your right hand tells you what you are doing with it and when I see differences, you’re just rockin’ the free will… we’re not little babies anymore and sometimes we make a right turn, or a left turn and we have to catch up… I love that.”

Debé makes you feel right comfortable and immediately at ease. With her long red hair set off by her shades of green outfit and an “it’s okay, I’ve got you” demeanor, it’s easy to slide right into the shimmering moment. Laying hands, palms up of course, on the small table, she looks, smiles to herself, and, using a large, ornate, magnifying glass peers in closer. 

“The lines do change,” she explained. “The one thing that does not change is our fingerprints… the finger prints is where I find your life purpose, what are you here to do, what is your lesson, how to get from point A to point B, that’s all coded in your fingerprints.”

“Your fingerprints are formed at like, four and a half, five, months in the womb, before your lungs, and what you’re here to do is just etched in there … so I want to look at that first, and then we look at all this yummy stuff,” she said, motioning to the lines etched across my open palms. 

Learning her craft through experience and studies at the International American Academy of Hand Analysis, “which does exist, in California”, as well as plain old intuition, Debé has been unlocking the secret lives of palms for 20 years. “I love reading hands,” she smiled. “In 15 minutes, I can freak someone out, but give me an hour… “ As a child, she was one of the odd kids. “Bees were my friends,” she recalled. “I’ve always been an intuitive, an energy sensor.”

Each reading is 15 minutes and Debé, who directs the event, always brings her “A” team of readers. She notes that some come through looking to sample thr talent before engaging in a full, private reading. Kinda like the Jeni’s sample spoon of supernatural experience. “It’s a feel-good thing,” she said. “People can relax, have a glass of wine… and it can be therapeutic in a ‘someone understands me’ way.”

As Debé holds my hands in hers, she does freak me out a little bit. Sees things about family, vocation, heartbreak, and pets that hit pretty close to home. And yes, I end up in tears, and yes, she ends up consoling me and telling me that all is good, all is well. No wonder wine is needed.

For information on the Wine & Psychic Night at Camelot, visit camelotcellars. com. To learn about Debé and her A team events, visit thepassioantepalmist. com.