Tastemakers: @nom_life

In Columbus, it’s not just the chefs and cocktail artists and writers pushing our palates forward, it’s the everyday folks, who are leaving a trail of crumbs for the rest of us to follow via social media. Tastemakers, a new monthly feature, will introduce you to the local handles giving you the low-down on what’s good in the capital city.

What’s the last great dish you had?

The last greatest dish we had was some beautiful wagyu beef in Hong Kong that melts in your mouth like butter. Seriously so crazy good. Drooling about it right now.

What’s the last great dish you cooked?

Ewa doesn’t cook often—her main dish is cereal when I’m not home—but I made a pretty mean steak the other night in the cast iron. We’ve also been experimenting with this simple salt and pepper shrimp which has come through in the clutch multiple dinnertimes.

What drives you to be a tastemaker?

We started this account to showcase places people had maybe never heard of or been to. There are so many awesome local places to try, whether in Columbus or when you’re traveling! We love being able to help show some of the local places around as people pour their heart and soul into their businesses, and we want to feature what they are doing. We love showing how many options and choices people have and may not even realize! And also we love to eat.

What is the most significant way food and drink has changed in Columbus in the last five years?

The most significant change is the cultivation around the foodie scene. Five years ago there wasn’t a base of food bloggers in Columbus, Stock & Barrel didn’t exist, new restaurants and bars weren’t popping up every month. Now we have such a food scene in Columbus that continues to grow and gain national attention (hey USA Today, wassup)!

Favorite filter:

We don’t use any Instagram filters!

Least favorite style of Instagram food photo:

Dimly lit flash food photos when it’s not a joke, or if it’s not Martha Stewart doing it.

Put together your perfect night on the town, from pre-meal cocktail to dinner to nightcap:

Start with a light workout to get the metabolism going (and as a deterrent for over-indulgence guilt). Next, shower and dress up, ’cause you can’t be stanky for the night out. Start with cocktails and snacks at The Walrus. Once sufficiently boozed up, head over to Salt & Pine for dinner. Start with the porcini pâté and a bottle of wine. Take a moment to digest, then head over to 16-Bit and beat Ewa at some Smash Bros. Next, head down to Oddfellows in the Short North to meet friends, hang out, and probably also grab a slice of Mikey’s. Around the 1:30 a.m. mark, get hit with the sudden urge to sing karaoke. Go to The Voice Karaoke bar near the OSU campus and have a blast. It’s more fun if you bring a bunch of people from the bar with you, and the owners will give you light snacks too. When they boot you out at 2:30 a.m., head to Tee Jaye’s for late-night grub. Chug plenty of water to avoid a hangover. Pass out in the Uber and stumble to your front door when you get home. Make sure to take off your shoes before going to bed…on the floor.

One Columbus celebrity you want to break bread with?

Jeni Britton Bauer. Jeni, if you see this, holler at us. Dinner is on us, ice cream on you.

Describe Columbus’s taste in a six-word sentence:

Winner winner, Hot Chicken Takeover Dinner.

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