Karrio Ballard, Co-Owner Barrel on High and Daughter Addy, 2.

House of Style

The family that shops together, stays together…

Not sure if that’s a phrase or not, but in this month’s fashion section, it’s clearly appropriate. Sure, dressing your child is probably one of the most harrowing parts of your day—like trying to put a suit coat on an octopus—but parents still want their little guy or gal looking sharp. This month, with the opening of Tigertree’s new Cub Shrub kids division, (614) pays tribute to those passing their sense of style down to the next generation. Just because your mom or dad still ties your shoes, doesn’t mean you can’t look fly.

Karrio Ballard, Co-Owner Barrel on High and Daughter Addy, 2.

On Addy

Little Pilgrim toucan tee, $18

Ultra Violet kids swing coat, $76

Mini Dressing Alladin pants, $22

Sarah Song Chen, pharmaceutical ad rep, and son Caden, 3

On Caden

  • Mini Rodini Organic tiger sweatshirt, $68
  • Little Pilgrim leggings, $18


Daria Buyanova, stay- at-home mom, and daughter Alexia, 5

On Alexia

  • Tea photoreal dress, $38
  • Omami Mimi Vegan leather vest, $68
  • Bow hat,  $12

Alexia Winfield, blogger/ corporate risk associate, and son Malex, 1

On Malex

  • Blue Elephant print hooded romper, $34
  • Tea vest, $44

StylingKatya Grishanova, katyagrishanova.com

PhotographyMegan Leigh Barnard, meganleighbarnard.com

ClothingCub Shrub, shoptigertree.com/collections/kids-clothes