Photos by Nick Fancher

Fashion Fatale

The femme fatale, much like fall, is seen as a thing of beauty as well as darkness—a darkness that has been long celebrated. Whether we are referring to the golden age of Hollywood and actresses like Joan Crawford and Rita Hayworth or more recent talents, such as Lynchian lovelies Sherilyn Fenn and Isabella Rossellini, the dark and the beautiful are a prefect marriage.

In sartorial terms, when we think of fall, we think of thick fabrics and heavy layers. Inky blacks and milky whites. Darkness and light. Good and evil. These elements, separated since God decided that night should be quarantined from day, represent both ends of any spectrum. One cannot exist without the other. The way they play together—the friction that they create—creates the electricity which serves to illuminate our path through this mortal coil.




Styling – Kenni Javon,

Photography – Nick Fancher,

Hair and Makeup – Sharon Casey,

Location – Marble Cliff Commons

Models – Kristen Greedy & Hana Mendel