Photos by Nick Fancher

Fashion, Re-Freshed

Let’s face it: the “’80s Fashion” images often conjured are of whitewashed, frizzy-haired teens swishing around suburban malls in silk shirts and Z. Cavariccis. There’s much better
style from that era we can elevate—style that is more relevant today. Which is why this month, in honor of the new movie Dope hitting theaters, we pay tribute the still-relevant West Coast fashions inspired by hip-hop, skaters, and just overall looking, well … dope. Snapback to another era, where you could look street and designer at the same time.

*Shout out to ReedxThree for providing the perfect background for this photo shoot. Check out his work here:

Copy and Styling

Katya Grishanova –


Nick Fancher:

Hair and Makeup

Leigh Ann Ehmann:


Isabella Silveira

Taylor Martin Moss