Photo by Chris Casella

The Big Payback

With thousands of campaigns spread out over multiple platforms, crowdfunding is now a

ubiquitous aspect of our online lives. Our timelines, walls, and feeds are plastered with links to the latest project that just needs our help to get off the ground. It is a bit overwhelming to say the least. Will you put your dollars towards the next album from your friend’s band? Or perhaps the children’s book your former high school teacher is trying to write? A quick scan of Kickstarter reveals that right now a 7-year-old named Jeanie wants to raise $2,000 to sell her brownies at Central Ohio farmers markets. That one would get my money, if I had any to give.

One way to stand out from the crowd? Go big.

Raising (in the) Capital

Carbon Flyer

$373,259 of $50,000 goal (Indiegogo)

Quick Key

$221,529 of $20,000 goal

Tesla vs. Edison

$202,928 of $20,000 goal (Kickstarter)

Arcana Playing Cards

$190,592 of $40,000 goal (Kickstarter)

The Best Damn Metal Gaming Cards Ever

$154,753 of $5,000 goal


????? of $1,000,000 goal (Indiegogo)

Local independent radio outfit CD102.5 plans to do just that this month when they launch what could be the biggest crowdfunding campaign Columbus has ever seen. The Indiegogo campaign set to launch on July 6 is intended to help the alternative station secure its future in our city by allowing them to purchase the radio tower that beams the Matt and Kims and Tegan and Saras of the world around our fair city. The current lease on the tower is set to expire in 2016, and 102.5 hopes you’ll help them ditch the lease altogether.

How much does it cost to buy a radio tower? Well the campaign starts at a $1 million goal, but up to $5 million is not out of the question.

To put that into perspective, this project, if funded to the full $5 million, would be the sixth most successful Indiegogo campaign worldwide and the most successful Columbus-based crowdfunding campaign across any platform. By millions. Currently the Columbus title belongs to the Carbon Flyer, a carbon fiber drone that was successfully funded on Indiegogo in January and has raised over $350,000 to date. That “to date” part is important. Indiegogo is a bit more flexible than Kickstarter, with the most important difference being the ability to collect funding pledges regardless of whether or not a goal is reached, and to continue to receive funding after the official end of the campaign. For 102.5, that could mean the ability to extend their lease with the money raised even if they cannot fund a buyout of the tower.

Details of the campaign—including what specific benefits those who invest in the station will receive—have yet to be announced, but judging by how quickly tickets to CD102.5 Day and the annual Summer Festival sell out, maybe some concert tickets will be on the table. Whether or not the legendary home for indie and alternative music on Columbus’s radio dial will receive the support from the community they have served for 25 years has yet to be seen, but we here at (614) are anxiously awaiting that answer.

Details have been announced! Click here for more info + to watch a 3 minute video to find out what it’s all about.