Photos by Rachel Joy Baransi

Vinay + April (Pucheril) Mathews

Date: April 25, 2015

Venue: Jefferson country club

Photography: Rachel Joy Photos

Planning/Flowers: Maria Gossard Designs

Dress: Allure Designs, Wendy’s Bridal

Suit: J. Crew

Makeup/Hair: Charles Penzone

The picture above says all you need to know about the attitude of Vinay and April (Pucheril) Mathews, and their carefree approach to the Big Day.

There’s a lot of things you can bank on for a wedding day—at least one person will probably have too much to drink, at least one person will turn a five-minute speech into a half-day ramble, and especially in Ohio—you’re gonna get some rain on the exact time you least want it.

But how cool are the newlywed Mathews with keeping things loose? They didn’t have a backup plan for an outdoor wedding. So when bad luck tried to rain over the day, they smiled, laughed, kicked up their heels and went with it.

After all, the bride had just finished medical school in Akron (four of the six females in her class were planning weddings, too), so how much could you really stress over a wedding when you’ve been through THAT? The day was filled with such spirit and personal touch—from maid of honor (and former The Voice contestant) Sharon Mathai bringing down the house during the ceremony to family friend Maria Gossard surprising the couple by decorating and doing all the flowers.

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade—and when life hands you rain on your wedding day, you grab an umbrella and shake your fist at fate!