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Opening Volley: June 2015

The TimeHop app on my phone is typically just a convenient way to remember that Miller Lite I had at a sports bar seven years ago, but every once in awhile it drops a useful nugget of personal trivia in my lap.

This morning, it reminded me that five years ago today I posted this:

“Just put the finishing touches on my first issue of (614) Magazine. Time to celebrate.”

Oh, 2010 Travis—you had no idea what the next five years were gonna be like. Specifically, that through this lovely little rag you’d find yourself in all kinds of delightfully weird situations.

This past month was no different: judged an egg-sandwich making competition, played roastmaster for a local businessman’s 40th birthday, played kickball to raise money for adoption, somehow attended two separate crawfish boils, and married a couple on short notice in a lovely little ceremony at the Franklin Park Conservatory. (The Travis of 2010 didn’t know he’d get ordained to marry one of his old cover story subjects, either.)

Each month hands me a different set of circumstances and whimsy, but the one constant is that at the end of each month you’ll find me holed up in my office, banging away at a giant stack of corrections (and many times struggling to write this letter), aided only by cigarettes, a giant Diet Coke, and Spotify.

So, since this is our Music Issue, I’ve decided to create my own custom playlist for you and shed a little light on that soundtrack to our madness, with a little dash of some of the musicians you’ll find inside these pages. (Listen for yourself:

“Zip Zero,” Envelope feat. NP, Jacoti Sommes

Tony Collinger, his cohort, and our cover boy (page 46) declare how much of a f*ck they give, and the answer is in the title.

“Mod Lang,” Big Star

Lead Designer Doug Mayfield likes to jam to this in his car.

“Future People,” Alabama Shakes

I still dream of marrying Brittany Howard and having a family full of doo-wopping linebackers.

“Roni,” Bobby Brown

Local DJ George Brazil dosed with me with this nostalgic cut at the aforementioned roast. Makes me think of my childhood. And pizza.

“Left of the Dial,” The Replacements

Columbus got the shaft on the canceled ‘Mats show. But they always sound great in my office.

“Deep Shadows,” Little Ann

Contributing Editor Chris Manis’s killer soul recommendation by way of Press Grill bartender Marisa Torres. Listening to it made both of us feel less white.

“Not Punk,” Aaron Lee Tasjan

A spoken-word masterpiece by a Columbus ex-pat and genius troubadour.

“Ophelia,” The Band

Because Levon Helm is my spirit animal.

“Work to Make it Work,” Robert Palmer

Appropriate. And also a revelation that Palmer was pretty damn cool before he looked like an investment banker leading a weird, clone-lady dance troupe.

“DARE,” Gorillaz

Just dance, dudes. And be on the look out for a future Digisaurus cover (page 54).

“Move to California,” Times New Viking

Columbus Discount Records (page xx) has finished their mission, leaving near-perfect Columbus tracks like this as their legacy.

“Your Good Fortune,” Mavis Staples

You don’t need a reason to listen to this. Just do it.

“I Still Dream of the ’90s,” St. Lenox

Andy Choi (page 62) longs for Crystal Pepsi and flying cars. The ’90s makes me think of Bobby Brown. And pizza.


Travis Hoewischer, Editor-in-Chief



Travis Hoewischer

I've been working in journalism in central Ohio for more than a decade, and have been lucky enough to be a part of (614) Magazine since the very first issue. Proud to live in a city that still cares – and still reads.