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No More Links on the Links

Hot dogs are overrated.

They stole their way into many people’s hearts through recollections of childhood summers, and because they’re cheap, and they taste just as good burnt. They do have their place though: the ballpark and the turn at the golf course. Hell, an all-beef link slathered with mustard and onions might even provide enough nourishment to get a golfer’s mind right and salvage a bad round before the back nine. But if a hot dog and another tallboy from the clubhouse can fuel a mild turnaround, imagine what slow-roasted pork loin paired with a craft pint can do.

Golfers can’t eat that kind of meal while bouncing across the fairways on a cart, but at Caddy’s Delight they don’t have to make that compromise. The new lounge in Grandview allows enthusiasts to play some of the best courses in the world on immense virtual projection screens, all while enjoying cuisine that resembles a gastropub more than a golf course.

The food bears golf-themed names, like the aforementioned Slow Roll, a pork loin slow-roasted for eight hours with shallots, garlic, and fresh rosemary, and served with arugula and horseradish sauce. The kitchen also offers a PAR, which substitutes the bacon, lettuce, and tomato of a BLT for pancetta, arugula, and Roma tomatoes. There are shareable items, like The Tee Box—a charcuterie board—and The Double Eagle—two Anaheim peppers wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheddar jack, pepper jack, cream cheese, onions, and chives.

Adam Birchfield, the general manager, said the emphasis in the kitchen and behind the bar is on remaining as close to home as possible. The bread comes from The French Loaf bakery just around the corner, and all 12 drafts are dedicated to local breweries like Zauber, Wolf’s Ridge, and Mad Moon Craft Cider. Even the tap handles and the charcuterie boards were made locally by Alex Traxler of Griffen Hollow Studios.

Unlike the vast majority of real courses, the drink options aren’t limited to beer. The bar offers seasonal cocktails like The Fairway—muddled lemons and thyme, Watershed vodka, house-infused thyme syrup, house-made lemonade, topped with soda. As displayed by the ingredients in The Fairway, Birchfield put extra focus on making everything from scratch. Pizza dough, milkshakes, and smoothies are created in-house (those options are primarily for the adjacent sister facility, Miner 49er Mini Golf), and even the sauces and condiments are handmade.

The virtual golf plays fairly similar to the real thing, like hitting from the indoor stall at a range and having your ball land on the third green at Torrey Pines. There are three motion-capture cameras at each of the three bays to determine the speed and trajectory of the ball and project its flight path onto the screen. Each station also has a small monitor to display in-depth stats about the most recent swing. The bays rent for $35 an hour, which is generally long enough to play a solo round. Golfers can choose from among the world’s most celebrated courses like Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, and Royal Troon.

While those courses probably have excellent clubhouses, the fresh food and cocktails at Caddy’s Delight are always just a few steps away, offering a quick bite or a long drink between swings to steady a rough game. And if you’re still tanking, at least you can blame it on being distracted by pancetta and OYO.

For more information about Caddy’s Delight (1158B W Third Ave.) check out caddysdelight.com.