Photos by Little Tree Studios

Logan + Laura (Leonardo) Burnside

Date: June 13, 2014

Venue: WatersEdge Event & Conference Center

Photography: Little Tree Studios

Flowers: Hilliard Floral Design

Dress: David’s Bridal

Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair: Bella Capelli Salone & Day Spa

Music/Photobooth: Encore L’Amore Events

They say the keys to a happy marriage are love, patience, and understanding.

That’s all true, but Logan and Laura (Leonardo) Burnside decided to focus their Big Day on a facet of all successful unions: luck.

Their dedication to tempting fate was thorough: The couple took their “save the date” photo standing under an open ladder and featured a different superstition as nearly every part of their Big Day. From Ouija board response cards in the invitations to the lottery scratch-offs and “lucky pennies” in their guest’s escort cards, the Burnsides put in a lot of DIY time making sure that every detail was not only fun, but pretty and representative of their superstitious selves.

The reception featured table settings with open umbrellas, empty rocking chairs, broken mirrors and open ladders as centerpieces and the couple opted for salt and pepper shakers as cake toppers to represent spilled salt.

Each display had a posted blurb explaining the origin of the superstition and of course, the song the couple chose to walk into the reception as husband and wife to (Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”) barely required a decision.

Luck was on their side in more ways than one, too. They opted for an outdoor ceremony in Ohio’s unpredictable wedding season weather and were rewarded with the perfect, beautiful, not-too-hot-or-humid June day.

As Red Blaik once said, “The champion makes his own luck.” Congratulations, Burnsides, you win the Big Day.