High Fashion in End Times

Photos and concept by Nick Fancher

Styling by Katya Grishanova

Flash fiction by Chris Gaitten

Several months ago, our fashion photographer Nick Fancher came to us with an idea: a style shoot inspired by the new George Miller film, Mad Max: Fury Road. His instincts paid off, as always, and his ambition motivated us to follow his example. We wrote a piece of flash fiction to accompany his striking images, a parallel to both Fancher’s work and Miller’s already acclaimed film—our own little slice
of literary-cinematic lunacy. This is The End of the Road.

The whole world was paved now, underpasses and overpasses and boulevards to nowhere, all in various states of disrepair. The

infrastructure was the first thing to begin crumbling when the oceans rose and the droughts baked the plains—ironic that its ruins were among the last pieces of civilization left standing. So it was fitting that their car would die here, in a never-ending parking lot radiating outward from an abandoned mall on the south side of town.

Kendyl had led them, not here specifically so much as away. Away from the decimated coasts and the survivors, most of them driven mad by years waiting in hastily assembled shelters for the end of the violent,
unpredictable storms that swallowed the earth. She and Colton raced across the highways using the junk of the world to sustain them and keep their car running. Until it finally coughed its last breath of exhaust
and perished in a puddle of spent oil.

They went searching, looking for parts among the mall’s debris. The things left behind were staggering. Entertainment centers. Cell phones. Shopping carts, of course. Wedding
rings survived best, though only the titanium bands remained intact, the tiny little diamonds scattered throughout the rubble like glitter spilled onto an ash pile.

There, near the skeleton of a
multiplex theater, Kendyl spotted it. The gutted remains of a car, and
peeking out from under its warped hood, an engine. Combined with
working parts from their own vehicle’s corpse, it looked salvageable. She smiled.

“I found one,” Kendyl called.

She heard feet slapping against the blacktop as Colton rushed to appraise her treasure. She had no idea where to go next, but at least they could drive—past the parking lot, beyond the expressway—farther.


“Colton” Alex Prange (Ford Models)

“Kendyl” Melissa Koch

Makeup Leigh Ann Ehmann

Location Southland Mall

Wardrobe Genoveva Christoff, Ladybird, Happy Go Lucky Her, Artisan De Luxe, Royal Factory Atelier, Saks Fifth Avenue