by Michele Leach

Behind the wonder of it all

Lies a place only we can see

Chosen ones who must suffer

Before opening up to our gifts

Our fate lies in numbers in a velveteen hat

A red wine glass sits as the fruit flys gather

Skimming the top

We discuss a multitude of thoughts

Pick a number out of the hat, He asks

My chosen number….11

A known variable of the Angels

It’s everywhere, on me, in my heart

Wonders of the number drive my days and actions

A child at the time I chose

Knowing that along with 11, would come deep pain in my back

As the wings broke through, gradually, methodically, gracefully

Without 11’s, hope and faith would be buried

[beneath sorrow and pain

Spring would not have a chance

Winter would live in all hearts and souls

He gives me a reason to keep my number, but tells me

[a shift will come without warning

One day, another velveteen hat will appear

Millions of choices, pick another number to change your fate

Wonder comes back, she tells me to wait

Your number is who you are

You have suffered, inside your head, the voices will stay

You have sacrificed, outside your body your

[loved ones, they need you

In another world, they see your humility and humanity

Don’t give up 11……don’t give up 11

Stay in the wonder of it all

Imagine a world without the 11’s

Darkness would swallow us whole

As an 11, we suck up the darkness and hide it in our bodies

As our backs break

As our minds hear thoughts that cannot be spoken

Wonder allows my hope and faith to continue

Telling me to keep my number, 11, safe

Michele Leach is a freelance photographer and writer who lives with her family in Marble Cliff, Ohio. Her website is musingsfromthecliff.com.