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Photo by Chris Casella

Cool Glass/Hot Wax: Meagan Alwood-Karčić

Each issue, Stock & Barrel sits down with a Columbus musician to talk about weird glasses, drinking, and their favorite drinking albums…

Instrument: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Wurlitzer, Watercolor

Band: Roster The Velveteens, The Alwood Sisters


Is there a special or amusing glass in your cupboard that you particularly like to reach for when imbibing? Describe it for us. Is there a sentimental attachment or history behind it? 

My drink of choice is wine. I have had several wine glasses over the years, but I have to admit, I am pretty good at breaking them. I was living in New York in 2003, and as soon as I had gotten a job and a little bit of money, I bought a set of two large wine glasses from Saifee hardware on Seventh and First. That place was amazing to me. It was a hardware store, but as far as housewares go, had the likes of a World Market inside. The glasses are kind of ugly. They are 12 inches tall with a subtle royal blue cup, and amber yellow stems. They can fit a considerable amount of wine in them, and even though they were ugly, I felt fancy having them in the apartment. Somehow I have managed to still keep one. The glass is so tall, I can’t keep it with the other wine glasses I am destined to break. It has its own special home in my studio.

When you’re having a little nip at home out of this favorite glass of yours, what tends to be the beverage of choice? Do you change it up based on the season? Are you a crushed ice or a cubed ice kind of gal?

Like I said, my beverage of choice is wine. I like all kinds of wine, but my favorites are Spanish reds. I really like the Garnache/Grenache grape. I do also believe that the French are fantastic wine-makers, and love reds from the Côtes du Rhône region. In the winter, I might drink a beer here and there. I really love some of the heavy seasonals that come around Christmas time. The Scaldis Noel is a phenomenal sipping beer with lots of flavor and a high ABV. If the season is a bit warmer, I will reach for a white wine or rosé. I usually like Italian whites over any other. When choosing bubbly, I go for Prosecco over Champagne. There is nothing quite like relaxing on my front porch, in balmy weather, with a glass of white wine or rosé.

Now that you’ve bared your soul through personal ice preferences, we’re going to dig deeper and talk about music that you see fit for drinking. It’s a mellow, late-summer afternoon, and you have no obligations for the rest of the day. The windows are open and the breeze is heavenly; you set your freshly poured beverage down and reach for an album—what is it?

She Sings They Play, Skeeter Davis, NRBQ ♥♥♥

Imagine your friends gathered around a bonfire. It is cutoff weather, and you are partying in the woods teenager-style. You are a couple of drinks in and someone asks you to put on a record (yes, you’re in the woods, but let’s say you have a portable record player); something that will make this moment evoke a sense that there is no tomorrow, just now. An album that is all about  rock-and-roll-impulse and deep boogie-woogie. In your drunken state of awesomeness, what is going to sound AMAZING right now?

How could I resist saying Os Mutantes, by Os Mutantes?