The Rise of Athleisure

You can’t miss it—at brunch, church, the office, the grocery store. It’s everywhere.

Some have dubbed it “athletic leisure,” while others prefer the more colloquial “comfy workout clothes.” Mostly it’s just “not giving a sh*t.”

Yep, it’s become completely acceptable to wear your exercise apparel—whatever that entails—whenever and wherever, even if you’re not hitting the gym. Back in the day (i.e. a few years ago), you probably would’ve received a few stares and eye rolls if you pranced into church or dinner with your folks in your Lululemon wunder unders and a hoodie.

But now, no one cares. Heck, it’s embraced. Designers and brands have even taken notice, from Karl Lagerfeld to Macy’s to Old Navy. Workout apparel is now designed for you to transition from sleep, to yoga, to work, to the gym. Or none of those, if you prefer.

We’re not sure whom to thank for such a movement, but whoever you are, we’ll cheers to you with our Sunday morning mimosas and continue to enjoy our spandex-filled lives to the hilt.

Model: Alexandria Toothman

Photography: Leonardo Carrizo

Makeup: Robbie Banks

Wardrobe: Lululemon Athletica Polaris