Illustration by Alix Ayoub

Cool Down: Party Hard

How did you start your day—a bowl of cereal? A yoga session? A nice jog? An intense cross-training workout? According to a recent study at Northwestern University, the activities you do throughout the day could say something about how you end it—namely, how much you’re going to drink. While you probably expect the person whose most strenuous activity is eating bowl after bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to tip back a few extra pints, the research actually discovered that those who go hard at the gym are also the most likely to go hard at the bar.

The study followed 150 people from 18 to 89 for three intervals of three weeks during a one-year period and found that on days when people are more physically active, they also tend to drink more. In some ways this information seems counterintuitive because alcohol—particularly in excess—is likely to undo all that work. But in another way it makes sense—you’ve earned that extra drink or nine. Work hard, party hard, if you will.

With that in mind, Fit Columbus has created a breakdown to give you an idea of how you will likely spend your night based on how you spent your day.

Exercise: Swift walk around the block

Drink: Ice water, maybe with a lemon if you’re feeling dangerous

Nighttime Activity: Catching up on Mad Men on your DVR with a bag of buttered popcorn

Exercise: Pranayama yoga

Drink: One glass of white wine, chilled

Nighttime Activity: Buzzed scrapbooking / scrolling through Pinterest on your iPad

Exercise: 18 holes of golf

Drink: Gatorade and vodka, Michelob Ultra

Nighttime Activity: Smoking cigars on a patio while still wearing shades to hide your sunburned raccoon eyes

Exercise: Rec league basketball

Drink: Beer, Jager, Fireball

Nighttime Activity: Drinking enough to counteract any benefit of playing hoops, reminiscing about when you were better at basketball

Exercise: Weightlifting, chest and arms

Drink: Bud Light, six-pack

Nighttime Activity: Talking about supplements, shirt off at the bar, flexing, pretending to be drunker than you actually are

Exercise: Bikram hot yoga

Drink: Several glasses of red wine

Nighttime Activity: At the club shakin’ it all night to C+C Music Factory “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)”

Exercise: CrossFit

Drink: NorCal Margarita

Nighttime Activity: Checking restaurant menus for Paleo meals, judging everyone who drinks craft beer, seeing how many margs you can finish in 15 minutes

Exercise: Weightlifting, legs

Drink: Bud Light, 12-pack

Nighttime Activity: Smashing empty beer cans onto your head, dancing on a table at the bar, daring bouncers to fight

Exercise: Triathlon training

Drink: Vodka sodas

Nighttime Activity: Bar hopping through the Short North, Grandview, and Downtown, most likely on the Pedal Wagon

Exercise: Five-mile jog (a.m.); weightlifting (lunch break); indoor soccer (after work)

Drink: Everything

Nighttime Activity: Beer pong, quarters, Slip ‘N Slide flip cup, case race, Frisbeer, DAS BOOT!

Exercise: High-intensity interval training

Drink: Shots!

Nighttime Activity: A beer to start, then SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!—a beer, a breather, round two—SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!

Exercise: Spartan Race, Beast version

Drink: Own tears

Nighttime Activity: Ice packs, ibuprofen, curled up on the couch catching up on Mad Men