Ball Park Eats

Baseball is a time-honored American tradition. From the crack of the bat to the stadium dog, setting up a blanket in the grass to watch the big game equals a perfect summer day. And here in Columbus, we’re lucky to have Huntington Park and all its delightful goodies for summertime snacking while watching the Triple-A Columbus Clippers.

Now, some folks go to the ballpark and happily enjoy “cheat” food, like a Sugardale hot dog or cheesy nachos with an ice cold beer while watching the action. But others want to stick to their healthy lifestyle, said Todd Homon, director of food service at Huntington Park.

“It is a mixture, with some fans rewarding themselves at a game and others enjoying all of the healthy options we offer,” Homon said. “All menu options are available for individual purchase, so fans are able to pick and choose at their discretion.”

A little-known fact for some baseball attendees—you can actually bring your own food to the ballpark. But “only in small carry-ins—no backpacks or coolers,” Homon said.

No matter what you pick, Fit wants to help you get the scoop on your favorite foods at Huntington Park for summertime snacking. Go Clippers!

Carry-in Healthy Snacks

  • Apple slices 
  • Carrot sticks 
  • Pretzels
  • Juice boxes 
  • Assorted nuts

Hit a Homerun

with Huntington Park Healthy Choices

  • Assorted salads 
  • Assorted healthy wraps
  • Hummus platter 
  • Veggie sub or veggie burger
  • Turkey burger 
  • Veggie or turkey panini
  • Grilled chicken sandwich 
  • Fruit and cheese platter

Healthy Choices for Kids

at the Ball Park

  • Grilled cheese 
  • PB&J 
  • Apple sauce 
  • Capri Sun

5 Bestsellers

at Huntington Park

  • Sugardale hot dog 
  • Bob Evans bratwurst
  • Donatos pizza 
  • Sugardale all beef hot dog
  • Hamburger

Quench Your Thirst

  • The basics: water and an assortment of sodas
  • Bar bevvies include: light beers, cider-based beers, a gluten-free beer
  • New beers this season: Zauber, Elevator, New Belgium