Blood Money

Pat Dull spent about $3,000 on his favorite record this year, but he’ll sell it to you for 10 bucks.

The record—ColumbusBlood—features 12 previously unreleased songs by 12 local bands; the compilation is his passion project, funded from his wallet but available for widespread enjoyment. “If I lose money all the time that’s cool,” he said, laughing. “I just wanna get close to breaking even.”

While some might see this approach as antithetical to how to make a record, Dull thinks differently—nobody says they lost money on a new album they bought at the record store. “I’m buying what I want with my money,” he summed up.

Dull has been in local bands since the late-’90s, but when he started playing out more with his current band, Betty Machete and the Angry Cougars, he was inspired by the wide range of great bands he saw at gigs around town. Many of them had little to no recorded music available, so he decided to make a compilation record featuring their songs. He wanted to embrace an eclectic mix of styles, including country bands, metal bands, party bands, and indie rock bands. “I wanted it to be its own unique collection of Columbus music,” he said.

“If I lose money all the time that’s cool. I just wanna get close to breaking even. I’m buying what I want with my money.”

The result was the first edition of ColumbusBlood, which was released last year on Break-Up Records, his newly rejuvenated label that was originally founded in the ’90s. Dull pressed 500 vinyl copies and has sold or distributed all but about 60, with albums available only at local record stores or the bands’ live shows. This year’s 500 albums feature the punk rock of Low Men, the drone-goth of Cosmic Moon, and the murder ballads of Drift Mouth, among many others. The 2015 version also comes with a record bag that Dull screen-printed himself (if purchased at a record store).

The LP will be released on April 18—Record Store Day—at Elizabeth’s Records, Used Kids Records, RPM, Lost Weekend Records, Spoonful Records, and Magnolia Thunderpussy. Record Store Day is an international celebration of local, independently owned record stores that’s observed annually on the third Saturday of April, and it provides a perfect launching point for a release devoted to discovering new music from local bands. Most of the artists that appear on the album will play live shows at The Spacebar during the third weekend in April as part of the release.

Bright and early that Saturday morning, Dull will be out among the fans waiting in line at record stores, spreading awareness of ColumbusBlood. It’s more trouble than most would go to for an album, but for him it’s worth the price.

A limited red vinyl edition of ColumbusBlood will be available at the record release shows at The Spacebar, 2590 N High St., or directly from the bands. For more information about the shows, check out