The Upper Crust

Columbus is pizza-crazy, dudes. You know how we know? Not only did several people volunteer to get a pizza tattoo for our cover shoot, but when we asked our readers to get on their soap pizza box and shout out the best pie in town, the floodgates opened. We weren’t able print all of them, but here is a little taste of the most passionate pizza advocates in the capital city:

Dave Burkey

Rubino’s Pizza, 2643 E Main St., Bexley

Order: Supreme

If pizza places had dive bar equivalents, Rubino’s in Bexley would be your favorite hole in the wall to drink. The pies are cheap and thin as a supermodel—one who thinks she’s fat and packed with flavor. I’ve eaten a whole large on the way home, it’s that good.

Drew Collins

Adriatico’s Pizza, 265 W 11th Ave.

Order: Pepperoni

Pizza should be uncomplicated. Sunflower sprouts have as much right on a pizza as a beer does in a mason jar (seriously, enough with the mason jars). Sauce. Cheese. Crust. Everything else is bullshit. And the more organic, non-GMO, angel-grown toppings you put on a pie, the more certain I am you’re covering something up—literally. Adriatico’s on campus knows this. And it’s why they’ve been in business for nearly 40 years. Adriatico’s has perfected the things that actually make a pizza, a pizza. After the last artichoke and fennel pizza has been ordered, Adriatico’s will still be there—serving good, honest pizza.

Jason Quicksall

Villa Nova Ristorante, 5545 N High St.

Order: Sausage

First off, make sure you include sausage as a topping. It’s homemade, well-seasoned, and sweet—you will thank me. The crust, while not the thinnest around, is very crispy. But perhaps the most subtle yet important feature to this masterpiece is in the cheese. Rather than it being the first ingredient, it is the last. My personal theory is that this helps keep the crust from getting soggy while adding a layer of mystery to your feast. Finally, have a seat at the bar, order yourself a 32-ounce frosty mug, and get ready to live.

Chad Gunka

Enrico’s, 5788 Frantz Rd.

Order: Pepperoni

When I was a kid, walking into Enrico’s with my dad to pick up a large pep and salad was a special treat. They don’t deliver so we had to pick it up at this small, Italian, family-owned pizza shop where it smells as good as it tastes. Twenty-some years later it’s still a special night when I order Enrico’s. I’m definitely a pizza junkie and have tried most of the pizza around Columbus. I’ve even done a pizza crawl and intend on tasting it all. There is a lot of quality pizza to be had, but nothing compares to Enrico’s buttery, airy, crispy crust topped with excellent homemade sauce, the perfect amount of cheese, and little pepperonis that curl in the oven. Try it.

Dayna Brownfield

Harvest Pizzeria, 495 S Fourth St.

Order: Goat cheese

There was a time when I didn’t like pizza. Maybe it was all the bad cafeteria and sleepover pizza I had growing up, but then I was drawn to the delicious Harvest Pizzeria. The pizzamakers craft the best specials and creative pies in Columbus (hello, goat cheese pizza!). And aside from also boasting gluten-free pizzas, their “create your own” stylings mean you do anything from chorizo to almond pesto to pineapple.

Matthew Heaggans

Bono Pizza, 1420 Presidential Dr.

Order: Lady L, or San Rolando

I wasn’t expecting much my first visit to the beerless and sort of mobbed-up-looking Bono Pizza. The place is clearly all about the pizza and to prove it, they Tim the Toolman Taylor-ed their own hellfire-powered wood oven. The crust, which is blistered from raw power, tastes like fire and ferment, unlike most of the other cracker-crusted tomato pitas around town, which remind me of spaghetti, cheap pepperoni, and failure.

Andrew Pierson

Pizza House, 747 E Lincoln Ave.

Order: Pepperoni, Sausage, Onion

Your mind flirts with the thought of the fresh antipasto salad, piled high with salami and provolone with the house-made Italian on the side. Or the perfectly toasted provolone garlic bread with house-made marinara. But ah, the pizza is what calls you. On daily-made dough, house made sauce, and custom cheese blend, you add old-world pepperoni, house-made Italian sausage, fresh grated garlic, and onion … it arrives to your table, piping hot. You take a bite. Perfection.