The Night I Lost My Shadow

By Bryant T. Dill

If you ask me where I’m from, I will tell you

Second Star To The Right And Straight On ‘Til Morning

Where you’ll find me fighting pirates and being mischievous

I will take you there sometime, hold your hand and fly

Our fingers interlocked as we glide through the midnight air

And I will show you what it means to be young

Embracing under the moonlight in a kiss, our first

I was looking for my shadow the day we met

And you weren’t scared, like the others

Instead, offered me help—guidance

And I was thankful

You were always one to be a teacher

To help others learn and grow

So I watched and listened

And felt the warmth in my heart

As you took care of me

And helped me become a man,

Leaving behind boyhood and youthful arrogance.

Bryant T. Dill is the owner and editor of Some Weird Sin Literary Magazine. He does not call Columbus home, though he does get up before the sun four days of the week to commute to Children’s Hospital for work; the Columbus skyline makes for a rather pretty backdrop before dawn. He has previously been a featured reader at the Columbus Arts Festival and the Columbus Poetry Festival.