Ides of March

Whether it’s the sun finally peeking through the smog of winter, the comfy fireplace chairs getting worn out from overuse, or the complete hatred of white blandness finally reaching its climax, March has been unknowingly deemed “Engulf Columbus with Drama” month. Almost every theatre company in Columbus, from the Short North Stage to the Columbus Children’s Theater, has decided to shake off the winter blues with a new production. If you can’t see all of them, how do you decide which one is right for you?

If you have children in tow and you just can’t take one more rendition of “Let It Go,” choose a show that’s sure to make Frozen flee from their mind. Fancy Nancy: The Musical performed by the Columbus Children’s Theater and The Jungle Book by CATCO is Kids are both by children for children, and adults too if you’re feeling nostalgic. But if you don’t want to worry about someone on stage picking their nose and eating it, BalletMet Columbus is creating a new production of Cinderella and if your child can put up with no talking for two hours, you might have a chance to awaken an inner ballerina.

If you are leaving the kids at home and you enjoy exploring social issues, there are more serious shows than Fancy Nancy. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by the Curtain Players Theatre and Trouble in Mind from the OSU Theatre Department deal with serious issues at the forefront of our nation’s mind even though they both debuted in 1955. Leaving reality behind, The Columbus Moving Co. is performing Puppets. By mixing puppets, contemporary dancing, and music by Bonobo this show will be an abstract journey about an outsider in a world striving for normal.

If you are looking for something created earlier than the ’50s, March has plenty of reinvented classics. The Actor’s Theatre of Columbus is doing a one night showing of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and Available Light Theatre is creating a new adaptation of Don Quixote written by Jen Schlueter. And then, there are the props, costumes, and beautiful voices from Opera Columbus’ production of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro.

If you think Shakespeare and operas are a snooze-fest, Columbus has no shortage of lively theater. Running until March 21, if you haven’t seen Shadowbox Live’s Sex at the Box by now, it’s time. If you have taken the plunge into the sexy musical comedy, it won’t be a long jump to the Broadway touring production of Mamma Mia! But if you want more control over what you’ll see, Columbus Dance Theater is doing its annual production of A-Z, which allows the audience to vote on the dance moves and music.

If your attention tends to wander during two-hour-long plot lines, Capital University and Short North Stage are combining shorter plays into one ticket price. On the Edge in the Green Room, from the Short North Stage, is four small plays in one night and Capital University is hosting a One Act Play Festival with three different student shows.

With all these new productions warming up the theater scene, it’ll be a rush from stage to stage for art patrons as we try to ingest as much culture as our sunshine-starved minds can endure.