Bar Bet

Back in November, we embarked on an experiment within the pages of our sister publication, (614) Magazine, or rather a dangerous game, one in which bartenders could have a little fun with ingredients, and each other. It became a monthly feature, and consequently, photographer Chris Cassela and I were exposed to some really weird-ass drinks. Popcorn, candy, beef jerky, and more entered the liquid labs of bartenders throughout the city to see just how strange a recipe could get. Upon completion of the task, the torch was passed on to a new bartender, with a new ingredient, until now, five months down the road, when we get to say that Jello shots dipped in ghost pepper foam and green onion verdita are part of the Columbus cocktail canon. What a glorious time to be alive, indeed. If you found yourself envying our lavish lifestyle of ludicrous libations, fear not, we’ve put together this recap of the drinks so far so you can get weird in your home bar. Think of it as a your guide to throwing the most absurd cocktail party your friends have ever attended. These recipes aren’t for the faint of heart, but if you can pull them off, it’ll make your buddy’s tiki party with the personalized cocktail umbrellas seem like amateur hour. You have been challenged, Columbus.

Travis Owens, Curio at Harvest

Sean Ward, Giuseppe’s Ritrovo

Nicole Hollerman, Veritas Tavern

Dave Veitch, Kraft House No. 5